My Picky Eater

Ok, I am not going to blame the whole thing on my son, but he is such  picky eater to only be 20 months! So much food gets wasted in my household because, all of a sudden, my son doesn’t like to eat it anymore. When I was younger I was extremely picky! I am 28 and now realizing what I was missing out on with certain veggies! The only thing i still refuse to eat is a tomato!

Sometimes when he wants to drink something between eating he will spit out what he has in his mouth in order to drink from his cup. Its a working progress!




Apple (Maybe one bite)

Watermelon (Maybe if pieces are small enough)


I really am nervous that he isn’t getting the nutrition he needs so I am working on a menu for the month to see if it will help him eat better. My first option, for breakfast, is to give him a bowl of oatmeal (made with milk) and a fruit smoothie!


Wish me luck! I will give update recipes on what actually works!


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