I’m a “Wing It Mom”!

For the past 2 months I have realized that I have not looked anything up online regarding my child.  I have barely asked anyone for advice.  I think I’m getting the hang of it! My son and I have our little routine for the day.  I know when he needs to eat,  sleep,  when or if he pooped, we have our play time and learning time. I’m winging it!

The part I don’t like is when something happens in the day that disrupts our normal routine.  It normally takes a day to fix it back to the way it was.

Now,  I am writing this post  because at long last I thought my son and I were seeing eye to eye until he started to skip two of his naps.

Mommy’s dictionary

Nap Time: The time mothers take for themselves to sleep,  relax or anything else that needs to be done.

Because I’m a Wing It Mom I adjust!  But I’m not happy about losing one of  my relax times.

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  • Site says:

    A wise neighbor told me during the thick of the crying that I was “earning my mommy wings.” That resonated with me at a time when it felt like I was accomplishing nothing. I realize now how much I learned about myself and my daughter, who is now a very happy, yet feisty, well-adjusted toddler. The experience also left me with some tried-and-true advice.

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