“Musical” Chairs

The question is good many seats do you have to keep your child from crying? We seem to be playing musical chairs with our bouncy baby boy everyday. Once he starts whining and we know he has been fed, burped, changed and has had some interaction, we start him off with the first chair of whom I call Mr. Rocky Bye. Mr.Rocky Bye has a few hanging toys to keep him occupied. Funny thing is he barely plays with them, likes banging his feet on the chair instead… even when it’s not in rock mode! Once he is uninterested in that,  we then have another interaction time in which we may read play or watch his favorite ABC video. Then comes Mr. Sit Up! At first he didn’t like Mr. Sit Up, but now that he is a little more mature he has caught on to it. He tends to play in that chair longer each day as long as no one looks at him. Once we make eye contact it’s over for all chairs. From that we go to Ms. Lap and Mr. Daddy Lap back to either chair until he is hungry again and wants to go to sleep. I can’t wait until he can sit in Mr. Try To Stand, I think he will be more interested with that one!


What keeps your baby the most occupied?

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