My son and his tantrums!

My baby girl will be 3 months on Tuesday and my son started having these tantrums that come out of the blue. If I am nursing the baby he falls out sometimes to try and get my attention or to act more like a baby that just cries! I give my son sooooo much attention so I don’t really understand why he wants to just fall out in a whim!

Sometimes when the baby is crying I will hold my son so that he feels like I’m not abandoning him to care for the baby. At times he wants me to hold his cup up to his mouth like a baby or he will freak out and fall out, and then at other times he doesn’t want my help when eating. We read together, we play and dance during the day, I even let him help fix his breakfast with me (he pours the oatmeal)…..I don’t know what else he wants from me. It’s extremely frustrating!!

Hopefully it dies down when he turns 2, Although its called the terrible twos. I feel like thats what I’ve gone through for the past 4 months!


Disclaimer: Please excuse the nails….we have had a very long week!!!!

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