Pregnant With A Toddler

Children are such a  joy when they are brought into the world, but making them is rough. Especially when you have a 1yr old walking around. I don’t believe this pregnancy is as bad as the first, but it sure is a lot more work.

I am 15 weeks right now and most of the symptoms have gone away. I still get headaches, morning sickness and fatigue. For some reason before you find out that you are pregnant you don’t realize the symptoms. Then, once you find out, everything starts happening to you. I stopped working for a good three months because I couldn’t think of what I needed to do. As a graphic designer I believe I made the right decision. I would rather have no clients than have mad ones. The pause actually helped me figure out if I wanted to do general projects or just handle the projects of a certain genre.

Any who,  chasing my toddler around has not been the cherry on a cake. It is so exhausting!! Its sad that he gets more sleep than I do. I try to go to sleep or rest while he is napping, but it never turns up good for me. I can’t seem to close my eyes or read or stop thinking about other things that need to be done. I wish there was a pregnancy island I can go to to put my feet up and have my husband take care of the baby all day.

If my little champ just didn’t fight me on so many things we would be just fine. He runs when I say “Give me that”, still twists and turns when its time to change his diaper and when he runs i get nervous that he is going to fall over because he likes to toss his head back sometimes when going forward.

Hopefully in the near future I can feel better and enjoy the last months of pregnancy ! Pray for me!!!

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