“Terrible” is almost too kind…..

“Terrible” is almost too kind to use when speaking of the “Terrible Twos”!!!! I have had an extremely frustrating time with my son now that he is 2 years old.

In my previous post I said “hopefully it will die down once he turns 2”. Well, my son has been 2 for less than a month and I feel like he has fallen out and has become more rowdy the past 2 weeks than when he had first begun to walk.
Even when I console him when he is upset it does nothing but make him cry or act out even more each time. I do admit Nanny 911 does work sometimes, I do put his little self in time out, but other times it gets the best of me. I start use my momma voice, more like yelling, or i try to ignore the behavior  because I am tired of repeating myself.

One example of what I go through…we went to a friend’s house and the first thing my son did when he walked through the door was fall out on the floor and cry (luckily they had carpet). That’s his signature move!! I ignored it because I wanted to be civilized. He eventually got over it and had a good visit at the end. Then we go to a family members house and he does it again, his signature move, only this time he falls out on a hardwood floor.  I wouldn’t be as upset as I was if he hadn’t already hit his head the night before and he has a visible scratch on his forehead.
I don’t know about all parents but I can’t stand when a child has an injury as plain as daylight and we have to go out somewhere for people to look at him. On top of that, the child wants to make a scene by being the loudest person in the room. So embarassing!

That is basically some of what has been happening since his birthday. And I will say this again…I hope it dies down by the time he’s three!! (Fingers crossed)

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