Food flyer!

My little man every morning eats his food in his little booster seat. Sometimes, I have to turn on the television just to get him to cooperate.

And yes, he does make a mess! After I put food in his mouth  he immediately puts his hand to his mouth in order to push food in. Of course that makes a mess. Or if something  drops, example his baby food hits the table. It’s almost a race between the two of us to get to it first. If he wins the race he’ll  mush it and then put his dirty hand in his hair.

This particular morning is different though. Every time I put food in his mouth he suddenly does this fake cough.  Getting food in my face, on my clothes and all over the table. He has to be doing it on purpose!  This I know because he has this smile on his face afterwards! I hope he grows out of this phase soon!

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