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Pregnant With A Toddler

Children are such a  joy when they are brought into the world, but making them is rough. Especially when you have a 1yr old walking around. I don’t believe this pregnancy is as bad as the first, but it sure is a lot more work. I am 15 weeks right now and most of the …

Bottle Top Baby

I wil never understand the infatuation my little man has with a bottle. At first I was glad that he was trying to explore new things and learning to drink from my water bottle. But once it started interfering with my sleep it started being a little irritating. Since my boy has been 10 months …

The Weaning Begins

My baby is almost 11 months I have begun Weaning him from 2 things.

1. Strictly being breastfed
2. Mommy and Daddy’s bed

Normal nursing times:
1. Breakfast
2. Nap Time Feeding
3. Lunch
4. Nap Time Feeding
5. Dinner
6. The Dreaded Night Time Feeding

Dealing with morning:

At first it was a huge struggle and I ended up falling to his aid every time he would cry. But then my husband kept telling me that I can’t have alone time if I keep giving in. Soooo, as painful as it was i first started to feed him well in the morning. I gave him 4 ounces of cereal and enfamil milk . It took a minute for him to like the cereal so I made sure to get a flavored box that he liked, I then included a little bit of eggs, and his 2oz of juice. I did that for a few days and gave him a good play time after eating and all of a sudden it was time went by so fast! We finally had a morning schedule going and I had stopped him from nursing in the mornings!!

Sleeping NOT nursing!

For the past three days I have been trying to get my baby to go to sleep without nursing. It is the hardest thing to do right now because he likes to wake up at least 4 times out the night searching for me. He does sleep in his crib, on the first go around, …

Our first non baby date out!

For the past 9 months I have had my son with me.  He goes to work with me,  to the store,  the movies…basically everywhere.  My husband and I talked about having him too attached to us,  so we decided to take him to his aunts house for a few hours while we went out together. …

Food flyer!

My little man every morning eats his food in his little booster seat. Sometimes, I have to turn on the television just to get him to cooperate. And yes, he does make a mess! After I put food in his mouth  he immediately puts his hand to his mouth in order to push food in. Of …

Bounce House

As many have heard the saying “bouncing baby boy”. That is the truest thing I have heard since my baby is now 4 months and can’t stop treating me like a bounce house. He is too small too be so active. Boys must have a turbo button that is activated once they turn a certain …

The Painful Stretch

Stretch marks are a funny thing! While I was pregnant I thought that I wouldn’t get any because it was so close to my due date that I was bound to have a no stretch mark belly! But, behold, by my ninth month I started to get some pain on my sides. And there they …

Yes, He’s A Boy

“She is so pretty!” I have gotten this comment a lot… almost too much! I mean if people just paid more attention to the  his clothes or even the color of the car seat then obviously you could tell that he is not a she. But then, my attitude changes when I hear “Sorry he …

What’s wrong with Lavender?

Summer has begun and I have realized that mosquito’s loooove  biting me. At first i was going to go buy some off or another product similar to it, but i changed my mind because i don’t like the smell. Also I was in fear of some of that getting on my son. On top of …