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Sesame Street Breastfeeds Too

I am PRO nursing my kids and when I saw this video I was excited to see that this was a subject that Sesame street would even bring up! Only thing is that these days, we nursing moms, have to cover up when in public places. This is completely understandable because it makes some people …


Literally the day after I take my son to the circus we are rushing to the emergency room. Tonight I tried to give my son a bath and he wouldn’t let me put him down. So as I was checking to see why he was acting difficult I took his clothes off and all of …

He Speaks!!!!

My little man has been, of course, doing his babbling with words for the past 3 months. Now at 15 months he is actually saying words, singing songs, forming babble sentences. It’s exciting and frightening at the same time. He sings his ABC’S, says Thank You, You’re Welcome, Mommy, Ball, Bubble etc. He also recognizes things …

Bottle Top Baby

I wil never understand the infatuation my little man has with a bottle. At first I was glad that he was trying to explore new things and learning to drink from my water bottle. But once it started interfering with my sleep it started being a little irritating. Since my boy has been 10 months …

The Weaning Begins

My baby is almost 11 months I have begun Weaning him from 2 things.

1. Strictly being breastfed
2. Mommy and Daddy’s bed

Normal nursing times:
1. Breakfast
2. Nap Time Feeding
3. Lunch
4. Nap Time Feeding
5. Dinner
6. The Dreaded Night Time Feeding

Dealing with morning:

At first it was a huge struggle and I ended up falling to his aid every time he would cry. But then my husband kept telling me that I can’t have alone time if I keep giving in. Soooo, as painful as it was i first started to feed him well in the morning. I gave him 4 ounces of cereal and enfamil milk . It took a minute for him to like the cereal so I made sure to get a flavored box that he liked, I then included a little bit of eggs, and his 2oz of juice. I did that for a few days and gave him a good play time after eating and all of a sudden it was time went by so fast! We finally had a morning schedule going and I had stopped him from nursing in the mornings!!

Sleeping NOT nursing!

For the past three days I have been trying to get my baby to go to sleep without nursing. It is the hardest thing to do right now because he likes to wake up at least 4 times out the night searching for me. He does sleep in his crib, on the first go around, …

I’m a “Wing It Mom”!

For the past 2 months I have realized that I have not looked anything up online regarding my child.  I have barely asked anyone for advice.  I think I’m getting the hang of it! My son and I have our little routine for the day.  I know when he needs to eat,  sleep,  when or …

Our first non baby date out!

For the past 9 months I have had my son with me.  He goes to work with me,  to the store,  the movies…basically everywhere.  My husband and I talked about having him too attached to us,  so we decided to take him to his aunts house for a few hours while we went out together. …

Bounce House

As many have heard the saying “bouncing baby boy”. That is the truest thing I have heard since my baby is now 4 months and can’t stop treating me like a bounce house. He is too small too be so active. Boys must have a turbo button that is activated once they turn a certain …

Bravo General Mills

General Mills just announced that they will be taking out all artificial colors and flavors out of their cereal! I mean I know that my son is only 8 Months and he has a little minute before he starts eating real cereal, but this makes me happy that he can actually have a chance at …