Miracle Brush

I know I have posted pictures of my sons hair getting braided on IG, BUT I never say how extremely hard it is to get his hair completed! Sometimes I can only get two braids in before he begins to fight me in order to finish the rest. It takes up a lot of time, because I have to first comb or brush (using a wig brush) his hair out, then braid one at a time but if his hair drys up in the process I have to comb it out all over again. Well one day, I saw a commercial about a  brush that makes it easier to get the tangles out. You know, the one with the girls brushing their hair all happily! I had my doubts. After fighting one last time with my son about his hair, I decided to buy the brush. ( I got it cheaper when I looked n Amazon)

Finally the brush arrives and I buckle my son into his seat, I spray his hair down with water and coconut oil and behold, with one 2-3 strokes his hair is detangled! I was honestly mad at myself because it took me so long to by the brush! I could not stop bragging about this miracle brush that was heaven sent!!

Moral of the story is if you have a child with a lot of hair that does not like to even look at a comb…get this brush ASAP!!

Too bad they didn’t have it when I was younger…would have saved a lot of tears!

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