Time to hop on the potty train!

Grant is 2.5 now and it’s past time for potty. Im tired of buying pullups and tired of changing two kids diapers! Honestly i know that it has been potty time for a year now, it was  just hard trying to get him to sit on it!

 I suggest doing potty time when your kid starts walking or earlier if you can! I remember buying the paw patrol potty a year ago and finally got fed up with looking add it in the corner. 

Happy to report that he’s getting the hang of it.  Every morning when he wakes up its potty time.  Fifteen minuets after drinking, it’s potty time.  The hiccup that i am having is him doing #2 in the potty. He hasn’t gotten that part down yet! Well it’s a working progress but at least we have boarded the train! Grace is next! Wish me luck!

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