Whooping Cough Issue

So at the hospital I was asked if I would like a whooping cough vaccination. I reluctantly said yes, only because I really don’t trust medicine. So we all got a vaccination!

But, behold, a couple months later I begin to have these horrible cough spells that are keeping me up at night and seem to last a long time. I didn’t think much of it until the next couple of days, as I am still coughing and gasping for air, the baby starts to do the same thing but with that gasp at the end like the commercial.

So, my husband and I start to research online about the vaccine and call up nurses to hopefully get some kind of peace with this uncontrollable cough. They all tell us that it is not whooping cough, and I feel like they don’t know what they are talking about. The next day we took the baby to the hospital, because it was so unbearable, and they tell us that if we had received the vaccine then it shouldn’t be whooping cough. Ok, so basically they told us that the cough that we are having isn’t the same issue we think it is because of the shot we were given, even though the symptoms are the exact same and it  sounds the same as everything we researched. Typical!

They ended up giving us an inhaler for the baby with a mask to use every four hours. No one got sleep for the next couple of days. The inhaler did slow it down but it didn’t go away for a couple more days. Thankfully the baby and I after a week and a few days were better.

And then, of course, my husband started to cough….


heart-faviconDoes the vaccine really work? Do you think I should get the vaccine again, with the new baby, because it was already in my system once before?

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