Your First Baby!

Congratulations soon-to-be mom!!! You’re having your first child! This time is exciting and new with all the kicks and hiccups going on in your belly! This may also be a time when you are thinking about the kind of parent you want to be, how you will handle certain situations and getting advice from other parents who have already been through their first child.

My experience with my first pregnancy was not as I expected. I felt as if I had every symptom there was, besides gaining a lot of weight, and it felt as if it would never end!  Out of forty weeks I probably only enjoyed 9 of them total. This wasn’t really fair to me because while other friends of mine were still able to roam around and enjoy every day, as well as they could, I was stuck in bed eating only pickles and crackers (sometimes only pickles the whole day)!

Everything seemed to get better by my 7th month. I could finally eat more, ride in a car without getting sick and I didn’t have the urge to sleep the day away! By the 9th month I was ready for it to be over. I started getting stretch marks and I was sick of laying on my side while sleeping.

If I can take away anything from my first pregnancy it would be:

Don’t listen to others advice listen to their experiences! (And if you end up listening, don’t take the advice too seriously because every pregnancy is different!)

heart  What is something that you can take away from your first pregnancy?

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  • Lauren Fitzgerald says:

    I feel the same way, everything other people told me was from their own gripes! I loved being pregnant and I am still trying to get over being spoiled by everything doing everything for me! I have a four-month old bouncing baby boy and we’ve only just begun. Lol. Loving your site!!

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