Newborn skin!

I recently had my second child, A GIRL!!! There are a lot of contrasts going on with her that didn’t happen with my son. Her skin had become red and very bumpy! It was like she had began going through puberty. I believe it’s because she was born in the summer and my son was born in the fall. That is my scientific theory!


A friend of mine had just went through this with her son and she told me about Aquaphor Healing Ointment. At first, I thought about just letting the skin heal itself, but, then I got tired of seeing bumps on her precious face so we bought the ointment.

Note: This product cost $15 for the jar so get a smaller tube if that is pricey to you! I didn’t pay attention to the price when I went to the store to get it and was shocked when I went to the register.

Anywho, not even 6 hours later I could see a HUGE difference of the bumps. They had slowly but surely subsided and I was soooo thankful!!!

This product deserves a 5 star rating and was worth the $15!

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