New baby coming

How can you make sure your toddler is ready for a new baby?
Right now I have prepared my son that a new baby is coming soon.

He touches mymop belly and says baby,  he even kisses my belly sometimes.  I have also put him in situations where I’m holding a baby and he just watches or pats the baby on the back. He has seen a new crib and I’m sure he is wondering why he isn’t laying in it.  And last but not least,  we replaced his car seat with a new one and changed the interior of his used one. 
Basically we have been doing a lot to prepare for the day the baby comes.

And to make him comfortable I decorated his bed area as a basketball theme with a hoop he can lift up and down whenever he wants.
I am ready to see how this big brother reacts to the baby.  It’s countdown time!!!

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